Paypal redirect problem within widget iframe

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Hi, I have set up a widget of the booking page on a website. The widget is an iframe, and because when you confirm the booking to pay with paypal you get redirected, an error is thrown. This is because browser security tries to prevent you redirecting within an iframe.
You can get around this by having the link to "Continue to Payment" look something like this:
<a href="javascript:parent.window.location.href=' ... ">Continue to Payment</a>
This will redirect you within the main parent page, rather than the iframe.

However I can't edit the code for the booking page so can't fix this problem. Any ideas?

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If Beds24 is used within an Iframe it cannot redirect the user to PayPal due to the security settings in browsers. To fix you can allow the the paypal page to open in a new window. Go to SETTINGS -> BOOKING PAGE -> ADVANCED and set Open in new Window to "On Paypal".
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