Airbnb XML setup instructions not clear

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I have an airbnb account with listings that are already created, I want to map those listings to the rooms I already have for a property on beds24.
Under view setup instructions for that situation is says;

"If you have existing (manually created) listings on Airbnb that you now want to manage through Beds24, you will need to map (merge) them to keep existing content and reviews, and to avoid creating duplicates.
Tick the check box for "Enabled" and SAVE.
Click on the "Connect" button next to the listing you want to connect the room to .
Choose the "Sync Type".

There is no box to tick called Enabled, there is one called Enable and when that one is clicked and saved,
there is no connect button revealed or a select box to choose Sync type... where should those settings appear?

By clicking enable, it appears as if beds24 is trying to send the listings I have on beds24 to airbnb, which I do not want to do,
I just want to use the existing properties on airbnb
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Sorry for the typo. We have fixed this.

Have a look here:

If you see "Fix content errors" your content does not meet Airbnbs requirements. Click on the link and fix the issues which are highlighted in red.
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