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Hello to all readers,

I have set up rates for the year and offer 1 for standard refundable prices and offer 2 for Non-Refundable.

Now I want to disply to the guest different packages according to the lenght of their stay.

Example: From 20/12 to 31/12 I want the guest to have the option for a stay of 2 nights to choose between
2 nights + a bottle of champagne - 124 Eur
2 nights + 2 entrances to museum - 124 Eur
2 nights - including breakfast at our partner xxxxx - 124 Eur

I twist my head around and cant find a decent way to do it.

Any help will be welcome - Have a good Xmas and New Year time
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You could set up a third offer with a minimum stay of 2 nights which only shows when available (meaning when you have a price for offer 3) and explain in the offer that it includes either a bottle of champagne or entrances to museum or breakfast.

You can collect the desired option via optional an "Upsell Item" without price which you set up in SETTINGS-PROPERTIES-UPSELL ITEMS. Deactivate the extras in the rates/prices for which they are not applicable.
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