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Are you maybe considering extending the guest log-in page?
It would be great if we could add some more information there.
I would like to add subpages on the left under "MY BOOKING INFO" for instruction on:
How to check in
How to check-out
manuals of the appliances in the apartment.
Map of the apartment surrounding
suggestions on what to see, what to do etc...
maybe house rules

It doesn't have to be a complex page.
Maybe just to enter the category Title which will be shown under "MY BOOKING INFO" and give us a text box where we can enter HTML text.
Then the titles would be shown on the left under "MY BOOKING INFO" and the content in the right part of the screen.
It would be very useful for us and for guests.
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We are currently workin on an upgrade of the guest login which will allow you to upload files.
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Do you know when it will be finished? When will we be able to use it?
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I have I wish too.

I miss some information on my guest and specially from OTA (arrival time, baby, real email adress etc ...)
I would retrieve some information on my guest.

I think this is very important if we can send a email with a link. This web page show the name date etc ... et ask some question (email adress etc ...)
At the end, the guest receive a pdf

Thank's you
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