AirBnB iCal and XML imported twice

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Dear Beds24,

We are having a problem with AirBnB iCal and XML, following the setup guide, we first imported existing bookings using iCal, disconnect iCal, and then only connect to AirBnB XML.

The problem:
The day after the check-in date, there will be a copy of the iCal booking on the calendar for the same room. This time, the new copy is an AirBnB XML booking.

For reference, please check the following:
User ID: 28225
Property ID: 50304
Room ID: 116834
Booking ID:
iCal ~ 6437521
XML ~ 6599231
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You previously used the Airbnb ical connection or used iCal to import Bookings which you already had.

Airbnb will not send bookings which you had before the XML connection was made. But Airbnb do send a booking modification changing the payout amount when the guest arrives. We do import this modification as a new booking. You can ignore it.
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