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How can you speak with an advisor of beds24? :oops:

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Beds24 is designed as a self-service system. We do not charge set up fees and provide information and free support via following channels:
  • Beds24 Forum
  • Beds24 Support Wiki: https:/ The start page has links to many common questions and there is also a search function which can be used to search for other topics.
  • Context sensitive help
  • When you click on the FUNCTIONS button in the top left you will find links to commonly used functions.
  • Ticket support system (click on SUPPORT in the top left of the control panel)
We offer Skype training sessions in which we help you set your account up. The fee is €79.00 (plus VAT if applicable) for a one hour session and €199.00 (plus VAT if applicable) for a 3 hour package. If you want to book a session please let us know.

For users who prefer onging phone support and/or require set up services we cooperate with partners who offer professional help for a fee. For a list please have a look here: http:/

If you can not find the answers to your questions in our online help or want to book a skype training you are welcome to post your questions in the forum or start a support ticket via the SUPPORT button.

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