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In Calendar view we have a drop-down list of properties and can view either one at a time or all fo them togetherl.
It would be more useful if the drop-down menu could be changed to a check-list (like the "Show" list) so we could choose a specific selection of properties to view together. Often we need to view more than one property but "All" can be too much.
Regards, David
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Hello David,

There is an option to 'Group' properties together, to view in the Calendar.

Go to Settings > Booking Page > Properties > Multiple Properties > Property Settings > Filters > Group Keywords and you can add a Keyword, that you can then filter on for the Calendar and Reports.
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That's good thanks! I can see how the Group keywords show as an option in the Calendar property list and in "Price check"

But I can't see where the Filters keywords are used - the help doesn't make it very clear - where can we used the Filter keywords?
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The Filter keywords is obsolete and can be ignored.

The Group keywords is the one to use and can show groups of properties in the control panel and on the multi property booking page.
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