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Hoping someone can help.

I've successfully set up a notification email when a booking is received from a channel (e.g. Airbnb or for example).

However I can't seem to figure out how to set up a notification email when a directly "Add A Booking" from Beds24 itself.

I need this because the emails trigger a further automated process I have set up.

Am I missing a trick?

Any help gladly received!
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Booking notifications are not sent for 'manually' added bookings (Add Booking) as you entered the details, therefore know about the booking.

You can trigger an Auto Action for manually added bookings, you can use the 'Booking Field Contains' on the Trigger TAB to select the bookings.

Bookings entered manually will usually have your login details entered into the Original Referrer field, so you can enter the details into the field and this will trigger this Auto Action.
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Host notifications on new bookings are only sent to online bookings but not for bookings manually added from the control panel. If you also want to receive a notification when you add a booking manually yourself you can set up an Auto Action Email in SETTINGS-GUEST MANAGEMENT-AUTO ACTIONS.

For instructions please use the context help (? icons) and click on HELP (top right menu) of this page.
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