calender displays sold from september 2013 and up

Availability and inventory control
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after one year the calender display's sold which we are not. how do we correct this.
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Each rate has a setting called "Bookable Starting".
This is the number of days in advance that a rate can be sold.
The default is 365 which means the rate will only be available up to one year in advance.
To make your availability bookable further into the future simply raise the value of the Bookable Starting setting, for example 730 will allow sales up to 2 years in advance.

The complimentary setting "Bookable Ending" stops a rate being sold that many days before arrival. The default is zero meaning the rate can be sold up to the day of arrival.
If for example you wanted a rate to be available only a week in advance or more, set Bookable Ending to 7.
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