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I know that setting a rate, i can set - in that rate - that i want or not "close at arrival" in a specific day of the week.
So, for example, if i set a Basic rate in which Sunday is closed to arrival, this setting is good for all sundays in my calendar.
But they exist also other day that are "special" and that i want to sell my rooms, but not allowing arrivals in that days... but, sometimes, they are not Sundays, but other days in the week (i don't know... for example, in Italy, April 25th is free-from-fascism day and it can fall also not in sunday).
How can i set these specifical, single days, as "close to arrival" days?
I hope to have been clear.
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If your your days vary it is best to allow arrivals on all days in your rate and set when you are closed to arrival in the CALENDAR. You do this using the "Override" function. The context help on the CALENDAR page in the control panel (click on the ? icons and click on HELP in the top right) explains how to set this up:
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