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Hi, i've just configured my booking page on the site to link to Visit Scotland booking portal. Is there a way to have different page appearances from the booking page that is embedded on my webpage to the one that visit scotland will link to when the booking is to be made?

The problem i'm having is that the embedded one i've setup is stripped back to the minimum to fit in with the page template, but when you try to make a booking from the visit scotland site it then takes you to this stripped out page, so it doesn't really look like you're booking for the official property. I had tried to add in an image header and use css to hide it when viewing on the main website, though css from the template wont have any affect on the embedded booking page. Any ideas?

Here is the website booking page ( with the additional header in place ) ... ok-online/

and here's how it looks when you link from Visit Scotland: ... isource=25
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To achieve this you need to set up the booking page as you want to show it on Visit Scotland and then use url parameters to hide content in the iframe on your web site.

1. Go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN->LAYOUT and activate the price table in "Number of Date Price Columns"
2. Go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN->CONTENT if you want to add a header and/or footer

2. Change the URL for your embedded Iframe
-hide pricetable
-hide header and footer ... footer=yes

For more information on URL parameters have a look here: ... Developers
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