Which Website-Builder do you use?

Everything related to your website and the Beds24 widgets
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Hello together,

actually my Website runs unter smoobu. But I switch to Beds24 at the moment.

Which Website-Builder (Wix, Jimdo, ???) do you use and did you create it on your own? Which combination works good for you with the Booking Engine from Beds24?

Thank you

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When choosing a website builder we recommend you choose one which supports JQuery and also allows you to add iframes.

Unlike almost all other website builders Wix does not support JQuery and manuipulates iframes to an extend that they can become unusable.
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Hi. Which one does support iframes? Marco
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wordpress - for better or worse
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I am happy with webready

I tried other beds24 compatible option, or Wordpress. By far webready is the ewasiest and most beautiful option
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