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Hello everybody,

I have 3 apartments in the same city and for each I have a dedicated cleaning lady.

She looks at her cleaning schedule from her secondary account dashboard and intervenes each time a tenant leaves.
Apartment A1 = cleaning lady F1
Apartment A2 = cleaning lady F2
Apartment A3 = cleaning lady F3
It’s very simple and it works well.
But when a cleaning lady gets sick or goes on vacation it gets complicated.
I would like to be able to manage the schedules of the housekeepers and assign them the households on a particular apartment according to the availability of each.
In summary, manage the household units but I can't do it.
Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance
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I believe the easiest way of dong this would be to setup a auto action when one of the cleaning ladies is missing, this auto action would trigger on all bookings x days before the check in and send a different cleaning lady the information about the check in and the apartment.

The auto action can be set the auto when required and when not you can set this to disabled.

Would this help you ?
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Have a look at the Report example in the Cleaning and Housekeeping section in the wiki. ... ic_Cleaner
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