New Calendar released for beta testing

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We found the problem and fixed it.

Thank you for your patience.
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This modern calendar is unusable for me and my properties as a reseller.
Is very confusing, hard to use and configure.
I am very frustrated. There is 400 buttons and settings, you should simplify it as the old calendar is very simple.

Some suggestions:
1- button to choose advanced view or simple view, so its easy to new users use it for the first time,and advanced user configure everything if they want
2- add colors to availability like is the calendar... green for available,white for closed and red for overbooking...
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Thank you for your feedback.

We want to give our customers the option to customize the their calendar to their exact requirements. We understand that this approach comes with a complexity. If you want to simplify the calendar for your customers you can set the calendar up as you feel it is appropriate for them.

You can hide the customization options using CSS.

Also you can add color to unavailable dates using CSS.

Please see here: ... i-Calendar for further customization options.
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