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Is it possible to create more than one layout for the multiple propertie booking page? I would like to use one layout for property owners who own more than one property and want/need only see the availability and booking calenders of their porpertiesa at a glance. I marked the properties so that they could be selected in one group. The normal standard layout with more details and information I will use "officialy" for external guests.
For single properties I created different layouts for the different uses.
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The multi-property booking page itself does not support multiple layouts. It will open the property booking page with the layout which is set to be the default in SETTINGS > BOOKING ENGINE > PROPERTY BOOKING PAGE > LAYOUT so you should set this value to the layout you want to use on the multi-booking-page.

If you want property booking pages with different layouts for other purposes you can set them up in SETTINGS > BOOKING ENGINE > PROPERTY BOOKING PAGE > LAYOUT and define them via a URL parameter. For an example please have a look here: ... le_layouts
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