BookWidgent does not pass parameters to iframe page

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Hello experts,

I'm facing an issue with regard to BookWidget and iframe-embedded page.

I've embedded a bookwidget on this page;

Selecting date and number, then it leads to iframe page as I've set
in the widget parameters.

However, the date and number I specified are not passed to the iframe page. The iframe page always shows the result for default params (date = today && guest number = 1).

It would be great if you pinpoint anything's wrong with my settings.

Code: Select all

[bookwidget	propid=66288	alignment='right'	backgroundColor='#9fa0a0'	borderColor='transparent'	boxShadow=false	buttonBackgroundColor='#002b55'	buttonColor='#ffffff'	buttonTitle='空室検索'	dateSelection=0	defaultNightsAdvance=10	defaultNumAdult=1	formAction=''	formTarget='bookingWindow'	fontSize='12px'	peopleSelection=1	showLabels=false	widgetLang='ja'	widgetType='BookingStrip'	width='auto' redirect='']
Thank you for your time.

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Hello Mayumi,

I tested your page but can see no problem. This is what I see:
[email protected]
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thank you @annettemorgenroth !

I see my website is working fine at your end.
However, it looks like that the booking module is still failing to pass parameters to iframe...

What do you think should I do to this work correctly?

eleni mylona
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Hi Mayumi

Try to add also to your widget the Number of nights. Go to (SETTINGS) BOOKING ENGINE > BOOKING WIDGETS and also the parameter as shown here:

Kind regards
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