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I need to pull the guest reference / ID number into the invoice.

The template variable to use is [BOOKGROUP:GREF]. However it populates into the invoice preformatted like below, with the words Guest Ref above in bold type then a line then the number below it.

Guest Ref

Is there any way to just display the number? My invoices will be in spanish but the words guest ref appears the same regardless of which ever language is selected.
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I think what you are looking for is

[BOOKID] - booking reference number

or if you have group bookings
[BOOKIDS] - booking reference numbers of all bookings in a group
[GROUPID] - booking reference of the master booking

Have a look here: https://wiki.beds24.com/index.php/Templ ... _Variables for all booking template variables.
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No I need the guest ID reference from the guest database.

It is the number that pulls with this variable [BOOKGROUP:GREF] but without the extra formatting.
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