Help needed about embedding a booking page in my website

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Hi !
Code generated by Beds24 to embed the booking page into my website is the following one :

<!-- bookingWidget requires jQuery and jQueryUI -->
<!-- Include the following line ONCE ONLY on the page, preferably in the document head -->
<script src=' ... '></script>

<!-- Place this div on your page where you want the widget to show -->
<div id='bookWidget-62596-111720-0-1589445879'> </div>

<!-- The following will initialize the widget in the above div -->
jQuery(document).ready(function() {

My CMS offers following "boxes" to embed : HTML/CSS/Javascript/Jquery source code.
I don't know which part of the above code I need to copy/paste in which "box" .

Can someone please help ?

Thank you so much in advance !
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What cms are you using ? most systems offer a way of inserting code in the header, if not try and do a search for any plugin that could allow you this.

If we know what system you are using we could advise you better.

Best Regards,

Iuri Rosa
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Thank you Rosa, meanwhile I have received an answer from my CMS. I thought I had erased my request here on Beds24 but apparently it didn't. Thank you for your answer though.
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