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Develper issues when using the Beds24 APi.
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It would be great that beds24.com delivers an owner portal.
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What do you mean by "Owner Portal"?
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Hi, I've seen a topic that will be great for us too.
"Owner portal" refers to some component where Owners of properties (not managers) can access their own property to see statements, bookings or to blackout periods in calendar and so on. Its also the place where they can see How much they earn and how much commissions had to pay to managers (us).
This environment (owner portal) can be created using "SUB ACCOUNTS" with specific rights per each property but, still doesn't solve the main issue:
calculating commissions that owners have to pay to managers.

For a vacation rental managing agency like us, will be great to have this option of reporting commissions (service fees) directly in owners sub account.
Calculating various commissions for our service to owners takes a lot of precious time each month.

Various "vacation rental softwares" offer an "owner portal option" that is great for property managers, but none of this softwares have such vast features like Beds24. Will be great if Beds24 completes its set of wide set of capabilities including this important feature for professionals, property managers, and large agencies.
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Agree whole-heartedly. This would be a very valuable module and we would love it. I'm happy to provide details of what would need to be included, but a quick look at what some of the competitors are doing (e.g. Tokeet) should kind of cover it.
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A recent returnee to Beds from one of the huge well known providers. Having spent time (and money) using a competitor I can certainly say the the degree of control and customisation provided by Beds is great, no longer do you have to put up with US-centric ways of doing things that cannot be amended for a non US market - full marks to Beds!

However if I have a criticism at this stage it is the lack of an 'owner portal'. Like many using this system we manage properties on behalf of their legal owners, we market, service, and maintain the property. The owners of course sometimes like to use the property themselves, and so a way for them to log in and block out dates would be great. Some owners certainly like to be able to print off historic bookings - and in many jurisdictions this is now a tax requirement anyway for them, for others it just provides a further level of trust.

Its not a deal breaker but if this is something Beds might consider I do think that many property managers like us would welcome it, and so far as the sector is concerned it would make Beds even more competitive.

Best regards from the Costa del Sol
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Many of the functions you are asking about are already available.

You can create sub accounts to give owners their own access. Access can be restricted and you can set up a special owner dashboard showing the owner the data and reports they need.

Have a look here: https://wiki.beds24.com/index.php/Agenc ... erty_Setup
for more information.

For commissions you can set up a custom report as explained here: https://wiki.beds24.com/index.php/Categ ... for_owners
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