Do not allow lower prices but allow shorter stays

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I have 10+ studios. I have the same « rack rate » for all, with a minimum stay of two nights.

I wanted to add a rate with higher prices for a specific range of dates (vacations in France). I prefer a rate over daily prices because in my calendar view I see immediately that this rate is for the vacations, it is clearer.

However, I am forced to check the strategy « do not allow lower prices or shorter stays », otherwise the rate will be the rack rate (I think the system should always aim for the highest price but whatever).

Now, if I would like to allow a minimum stay of only one night at specific dates during the vacations, it is impossible because of the « do not allow lower prices or shorter stays ».

How do you handle this type of situation (using specific rates aiming at higher rates than the rack rate, while also cherry picking dates with smaller stay length) ?

I have the impression that using rates does not work for that purpose. Too bad, because daily prices are not very clear in the calendar view, I would like to at least have the possibility to add a label « vacations X » visible on the calendar for each listing at desired dates.

Thank you
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The system always applies the lowest price available for the guests selection.

We recommend you make your highest price with the lowest stay you ever allow always available and use the "Strategy" Default which is to allow lower prices.

You can then override this price with lower prices and set higher minimum stays in the CALENDAR whenever you require them.

This works with both rates and daily prices. In our opinion this is easier to handle with daily prices because you will only need a few daily prices for which you only enter prices in the CALENDAR when you want them to apply. You can name your daily prices in the daily price settings so you can see a clear description in the first column of the daily price rows in the CALENDAR.
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