Different prices for different channels

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I need to send different prices for the different channels, for example for Booking.com i want to send prices about 10% higher than for Expedia.

Do i need to create different rates for the different channels ? i have quite some rooms so this would leave me with quite some rates :?

Does this system have any workaround to have 1 rate but send like a percentage higher or lower to the channels ? Does anyone have any good tip for me ?
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Hi Pedro, i guess you need to read this to get a clear picture how pricing works.

If you don't want to create separate rates for each channel you can try price multiplier in channel manager settings. For example, Expedia.
This will multiply rate/price sent to Expedia by 1.15 (15% higher price).
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Once again Thank you for your help, you are a *, hehehe :lol:

Yes this is exactly what i need, the price multiplier, it allows me to lower or raise the price by a percentage for specific channel.

Outstanding system!

Best Regards,
Pedro Silva
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