Set special rates for long weekends

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If you want to offer a special rate for guests booking a minimum amount of days any weekend:

You can use the minimum stay, bookable starting and bookable ending settings with each rate to combine minimum stay periods, advance or last minute booking rules with your discounted prices and create sophisticated rate rules.

If a rate only a applies to certain weekends e.g. holiday weekends you can create an new rate which applies only for this time period. Generally the system offers the lowest rate valid for each night. If the long weekend rate is higher than than your normal rate activate "Do Not Undercut this Rate"
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Here is an example setup for a holiday period where you want to enforce a 2 night minimum and optionally a higher price.

You already have your normal rate set and working for a 1 night minimum stay, this normal rate is available all nights of the week.
You will need to remove any "Daily Prices" set from the Calendar Daily Price menu as these are always bookable for a one night stay.

Create a second rate that starts and ends over the holiday period, this could be a month, a week or a weekend.
In the second rate enter a 2 night minimum stay and you price for this period.
Select the "do not undercut" option, this will disallow cheaper or shorter stay rates during the period of the second rate (i.e. disables your normal rate)

It is also possible to use the allowed night selectors in the second rate to make the second rate only apply on certain nights of the week, weekends for example.
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