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Hi, after almost a year, i'm still not sure about the best way to map my prices. Since i have a quite "normal" situation, this might be a topic which would be usefull for more people.

We have a holiday home (so 1 room) which can be rented per week (fri-fri or mon-mon), midweek (mon-fri) or weekend (short: fri-sun, long: fri-mon)

Exceptionally, during school holidays or public holidays, we are more flexible and allow other combinations (f.i. when a public holiday is on thursday, we allow a rent from wednesday evening till sunday or monday. This can be a higher price, but sometimes also a lower price.

We also have a high season and a low season.

And to complicate things, we like to have a 5% discount if people choose to have a non-refundable booking.

Right now i have a lot of different rate plans AND i am using daily prices.

Now my questions:
- Am i right that if i want to be able to link to airbnb, i HAVE to use only daily prices? There is no alternative?
- Am i right that if i want to use the 5% discount, i'd better not use a derived rate plan on booking.com, but should set up a daily price/rate on beds24.com (i read somewhere booking.com doesn't take over the limits on check-in/out days you set up in an OTA-rate plan/daily plan linked to the plan you derive from?

- taken everything into account, is this the best way to cover all my needs:
1) make 8 daily prices:
- A daily price for 2-3 days (refundable)
- A daily price for 4 days (midweek) (refundable)
- A daily price for aweek (refundable)
- A daily price for 2-3 days (non-refundable)
- A daily price for 4 days (midweek) (non-refundable)
- A daily price for a week (non-refundable)
- A daily price for holiday & exceptional periodes (non-refundable)
- A daily price for holiday & exceptional periodes (refundable)

And then i make 8 price profiles in Booking.com to correspond to each situation?
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For Booking.com and each set of rules, Lengh of stay, then you will need a Booking.com Ratel plan.

The rules/prices/availability will be sent to the appropriate rate plan at Booking.com.

As your Non Refundable prices have a percentage offset (5%), then you can LINK the daily prices in Beds24, creating the prices that will send to Booking.com.

Create the Daily prices in Prices > Daily price setup, then once created, you can use the LINK option, select the Daily price you want to link to, then set the offset percentage = -5. Ensure you map the corresponding Booking.com Rate plan in the channel list.

There is no restrictions regarding Airbnb and Daily prices/Rates, however if you want to send Occupancy based prices, then the Extra Person Price in Daily prices will be used/sent to the channels, this is not possible with Rates.

Set the rules of the minimum stay in the Daily Price Setup, not in the calendar to ensure the rules/prices apply.

You also have the option of setting an override in the calendar to manage No-checkin/Checkouts if required.
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How can i assign daily price to multiple rooms at a time? Seems like need to write rules to every room separetely?
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You need to create the Daily prices for each room.

It is not possible to create daily prices for multiple rooms at the same time.
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