yield optimizer need to decrease the price by 1% everyday

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I need to decrease the price of my listings by 1% everyday. Could someone please help me with the same. This is what i have done

Rule Name : Daily
Start Date : Tuesday, 15 June, 2021
End Date : Thursday, 15 July, 2021
Price Multiplier : 99%
Channel Management : Allowed

Days Before Check-in (min) :1 day
Days Before Check-in (max) :same day arrival
Units Available : does not matter

Apply rule to these rooms:

Soul At Home Koramangala
Beautiful Room In A Boutique Villa In Koramangala
Room 6 · Beautiful Private Room Boutique Villa Koramangala
Room 7 · Beautiful Private Room In A Villa Koramangala
Room 4 · Private Boutique Room With Balcony Koramangala
Room 2 · Cozy Private Room in a Beautiful Villa Koramangala
Room 5 · Luxurious Room With Private Balcony & Bathtub

Am i doing something wrong as the prices are not reducing everyday
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Check what you have set for "Days Before Check-in" because the rule will only apply within the selected range.
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