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Setting up occupancy-based pricing correctly

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2020 4:30 am
by brightleap
This is something that's caught me out in the past (mainly because my previous channel manager was rubbish).

Can anyone help me out with the "correct" way to set up occupancy-based pricing in Beds24? Here's what I want to do (for all channels really but if it helps, the main ones are AirBnB, and Expedia).

Using a two-bedroom apartment as an example:
  • I want my "standard" rate to apply for up to 2 people, then I want to add £12 per night for each additional person up to a maximum of 4
  • I want to be able to control the extra person surcharge from Beds24, so if I want to change it, I don't have to go and do this on every channel website
  • I use PriceLabs, so the standard pricing will change regularly and also the minimum stay. The price including extra people should always be £x above the standard price and the minimum stay should match the standard rate

Re: Setting up occupancy-based pricing correctly

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2020 12:38 pm
by annettemorgenroth
In the "Rules" for your "Daily Price 1" (to which Pricelabs sends the prices for two) set "Maximum Guests" = 2 and "Extra Person" = 12. Double check that "Max Guests" in SETTING->PROPERTIES->ROOMS->SETUP is set to 2.

To be able to send occupancy based prices to the channels you will need to use the "Occupancy price model" with the channels.

For and Expedia you should be able to set "Occupancy (OBP) Pricing" in the channels extranets. After you have changed the pricing model there go to SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER->EXPEDIA/BOOKING.COM and set " Rate Type"/ "Price Model" to "Per Occupancy".

If you can not find where to set this for just change the setting in Beds24 and we will try to switch you aromatically to Occupancy pricing. For Expedia please contact Expedia support.

For Airbnb go to SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER->AIRBNB XML ->SPECIFIC CONTENT and set "Price Strategy" = Per Occupancy".