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Yield Optimizer

Posted: Sun Dec 29, 2019 11:14 am
by yuliana feri
I would like to have two rates for the same room so that I have two Yield Optimizers for the same room.
Let me explain.
I have 4 Unit Allocation which are at the same rate with a single calendar.
I would like to have several Yield Optimizers for the same room.
A normal Yield Optimizer for airbnb expedia hostelxorld.
A special Yield Optimizer for that gives me promotions anywhere in my calendar.

PS: I have already made the experiment by creating two different rooms I get two Yield Optimizers but the rooms are different so they are not syncronized between them and there is therefore a risk of overbooking.


Re: Yield Optimizer

Posted: Mon Dec 30, 2019 2:06 am
by yuliana feri
I found an alternative solution.
Since it is not possible to use more than one Yield Optimizer for the same rooms.
I am doing with a last minute promotion which is actually last day.
I am sorry that the solution has not been found since beds24.