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How will you setup the price for the following scenario :

2 nights this is the minimum for a total of 295.00
3 nights total 395.00
4 nights total 475.00
5 nights total 575.00
6 nights total 680.00
7 nights total 775.00

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You can create a rate for each using the setting "Prices per" in the "Summary" tab of the rate.

But please note that channels need "Prices per" = Night. If you want to send prices to OTAs please have a look here: ... ximum_Stay
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I used Discount One off, and it did the trick.

How would you go about this : During its stay a customer can rent a bike for one or more days. The price varies: the longer he's renting the cheaper it gets, but of course this is optional ...
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You can setup a Single day activity, with a rate for each length of use, create the rate with Per night price,

Rate 1- Minimum Stay = 1, set the price for 1 day,
Rate 2 - minimum stay = 2, set the price (per night) for 2 day usage etc.

Have a look at this wiki page for more information :- ... Car_Rental
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