Different rates for different platforms

Availability and inventory control
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I use 4 different platforms, one of them is lower in price my airbnb, it is currently showing a higher price but it puts people off on Airbnb, even if its just an extra €10.

Can you tell me how can I set up to have different rates please.

One or two of the platforms are not allowing booking, any idea what I did wrong?

Thanks a mill
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You can set prices for each Channel, either in the Daily Prices or Rates, selecting the Channel.

You can also set a Price Multiplier with a number of the Channels, you can see which in Settings > Channel Manager and then selecting the Channel (Airbnb.com), then in the HELP, you can see the format to use when sending a price lower or higher to that channel.

The Channels need to have prices from Beds24.com to open your Inventory, so if you do not have a price then this can close your calendar in the Channels and your Booking Page.

If you still have an issue, then please raise a support ticket and we will have a look at your setup.
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