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Availability and inventory control
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We have 1 phisical farm with a total of 9 rooms.
1/We rent the place to people always as 1 unit. (beds: property "FDCM" = 1 room)
2/2 months last minute, if not rented, then we ALLOW to rent for smaller groups for only 5 rooms (beds: property "MB" = 1 room)
3/2 weeks last minute before today, if not rented in FDCM or MB, then we allow to rent as a room on booking.com (mostly days during the week) (beds: "LBV" = 2 x room 2-pers and 2 x room 3pers)

We would like to automate this structure with beds , to be sure that on a specific day, we can only rent 1 formula, to avoid overbooking.
We dont seem to get beds right to this.
1/If FDCM or MB or LBV are rented, the other properties close
2/If 1 LBV 2person room (we have 4 phisical rooms for rent ) is rented then there still stays 1 2-pers room qnd 2 3-pers rooms open and FDCM and MB close
3/If we blackout 1 day, all properties close.

They problem is that, when we rent q LBV room, that the other room goes from 2 available to 1 available.
Should I think of using a virtual room?

Could you please point us in the right direction
Posts: 30
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Found the answer after a good night sleep.

The moment 1 unit is taken the other units must close.
So we counted the total of units (not roomtype) we had dependend on every room and used the setting: 5 units must be available.
If 1 unit is rented, the others will close.
The blackout function works also.
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