Set calender COLOR depending on low-mid-high-SAISON

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We are showing 12 months of calender on our website for our rental house.
Is there a way of setting ourselfs a different color depending on the price level.

That way people could see low-saison , mid-saison, high-saison without having to enter the date to see the prices.

It could be done by adding an extra tag in the rates. That way you group different rates.
rate1:100euro , rate2:105euro = COLORTAG 1
rate3:140euro = COLORTAG 2
rate4:200euro , rate5:205euro, rate6:250euro = COLORTAG 3

Every tag would have its own color to show on an available day in the calender.

COLORTAG 1 = light bleu
COLORTAG 2 = normal bleu
COLORTAG 3 = deep bleu

1: extra line to set rate in the ratings page
2: up to 5 COLORTAG to choose available days in the design page

Is this possible for you?
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If you want to show your seasonal prices on your booking page you could activate a "Price Table" module.

On this demo page: you can see an example.

On this demo page a link is used: You could customise the link to say "Check prices".
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Thx for the answer, but that has nothing to do with the post I did. I don't want to show prices.

Having on a 12 months calender with a visual effect to show HIGH and LOW saison would be very nice upgrade for the product.

That's all. I just wanted to point it out.

If more people would reply on this and ask for it, you could consider it integrating.
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