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Dear Colleagues,

Please help me how to do it?

I would like to display on the website different sub accounts depending on different users on the website

How to do it the best?

Thanks in advance!

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There are a number of ways to display groups of rooms/properties by changing the booking page URL


1) Use the ownerid of the account or sub account to display all properties in that account like this:


2) Use hideprop to show all properties in the account except a few selected ones, ie this will hide properties 2665 and 2666

https://www.beds24.com/booking2.php?own ... =2665,2666

3) Use hideroom to show a property but hide the specified rooms

https://www.beds24.com/booking2.php?pro ... =4934,4933

It is also possible to group and filter properties in an account using keywords, see the menu Settings > Agency > Properties
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