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Suppose I have a cleaning personnel of 2 cleaners for 1 property, and I want to determine in Beds24 system as to which of the check-ins assigned each of the cleaners, and export for each one of them their own events .ics calendars accordingly.

Is it possible to do in the system, and how?

Thanks in advance.
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The iCal export feed is generated per room so there is no easy way to generate two different ical's from one room.
The following is a summary of ideas which might work for you:

1) Add the cleaners name to a field in the booking and send the same ical to both cleaners including the field with their name as a template variable. They will see all the bookings and their name on the ones they are to clean.

2) Use auto actions to send an email for each booking to the cleaner based on the FLAG text, use a different flag text for each cleaner to send them to the correct person.

3) Export the bookings to excel and sort and distribute the spreadsheet to each cleaner showing their bookings to clean.
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