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I have 3 problems:
1st is when i separate the rooms of my villa into 5 separate rooms ( 5 room types, 1 of the rooms is available 2 times), and also wanna be able to sell the whole villa, I did exactly what was in the FAQ:
Example 1: A holiday house consits of three separately bookable apartments (Apartment1, Apartment2 and Apartment3) and can be rented in full. To set this up you will need four rooms in SETTINGS -> ROOMS:
Dependencies work in both directions - to be available the larger unit needs the smaller unit to be available. To achieve this set following dependencies in SETTINGS -> ROOMS -> SETUP Dependencies:
House - Requires Availability in: Apartment1 and Apartment2 and Apartment3
Apartment1 - Requires Availability in: House
Apartment2 - Requires Availability in: House
Apartment3 - Requires Availability in: House

Dependency Level: Ignore Sub Dependencies (this is the default) - for all rooms
Combination Logic: All rooms must be available - for all rooms (this is the default) for all rooms

The difference what i have, is that one room is available 2 times, all other rooms are only available 1 time.
It means, that when i book the room -which i have 2 of them- then the whole villa can still be booked, which is wrong.
How to solve that?

The 2nd problem is:
The maximum number of guests should be 17 people...But the customer can select 34. how can I get rid of that?

The 3rdproblem is:
When i select the Multiple Booking option, then the room -which i have 2 times. is only possible to select 0 and 1

At the moment I changed the room which i have 2 of them. I just made a copy....This solves problem 1, but problem 2 & 3 still there

What can I do to solve them all?

regards Reto
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1) Your solution to problem one is correct, if both rooms need to be available then they need to be defined as two separate rooms rather than one room type with a quantity of two.

2) There is a new setting in SETTINGS >> BOOKING PAGE >> ADVANCED which lets you set the maximum selectable people on the booking page.
The default is to allow up to your property capacity but this can now be over-riden, especially usefull in cases like this when not all rooms are bookable at the same time.

3) I think solution (1) makes this irelevant? The two separate rooms have a quantity of one.
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