Multiple Units of Same Room Type - bookings split across units

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Hopefully this makes sense.

I switched everything on today and just ironing out some kinks i´ve come across before allowing direct booking, my channel to is still available.

An example;

I have Room type A, and have 2 units of Room A.

Room A (no.1) has availability 18 & 19 August (everything else booked)

Room A (no.2) has availability 20 & 25 August (everything else booked)

However, the direct booking system & the exported availability to the channels allows the booking split across the two rooms. A client books 18 - 24 August, it accepts the booking, even though it would mean the client has to move rooms on the 20th August, which is not good.

Is it possible for the system to flag that the availability is split as 18-19 & 20-25?

For the moment i have manually blocked the 18 & 19 so i don´t have any issues.

Thank you in advance.
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This is a fundamental issue with the way room types work.

The channels only care about how many are available on each date and expect them to be interchangeable. Usually you can avoid room changes mid stay by shifting the other bookings around.

If the individual units are unique or you want to completely avoid the possibility of room changes, you should probably list each unit as an individual room type with a quantity of one.
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Thanks for the quick help.

I thought this might be the case, as the issue must have existed in before i got involved, originally I was going to separate all rooms in beds24 but continued with some of the types combined, as this was the legacy set up in

I will separate everything out as it overall is a better solution for me.

Great system by the way, really love it.
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Great system by the way, really love it.

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