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Because I have subscribed to's "Smartflex" programme, I have certain bookings subscribed as "non-refundable" which become refundable free of charge up to x days before their arrival.
I have found this variable [CANCELUNTIL], so how to use it in the target section to launch the automatic action for debiting the deposit or the full amount to the date on which the booking can no longer be cancelled?

Here is an example of a condition updated by the Smartflex programme:
"This room was booked as part of the Smart Flex Reservations programme. That means this room has had its cancellation policy upgraded to Free Cancellation until 23 Jul, 23:59."

Thank's for your help.
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If you have not already done so, can you raise a support ticket with the Booking id so we can check the specific details in the booking to advise on the options for creating a pending payment to collect the payment.
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