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Hello the team,

On my website, I am using an Iframe booking module.
When a visitor fills in the booking form and confirms it, a new booking row with an ID is created with the «CANCELLED» status on my BEDS24 platform.

If the visitor continues the process on my website, there will be the Stripe payment module. If they fill in their credit card information and that the payment can be completed without any problem, then the booking status on BEDS24 will switch to « CONFIRMED ».

However if Stripe spots a problem with the payment, the booking status in BEDS24 stays as «CANCELLED».
I have set up an auto-action which sends an email automatically when a new booking row is created with a « CANCELLED » status (auto-action #200008) and that the visitor does not proceed with payment.

This following-up email enables the visitor to resume the booking or to contact me if needed.

I would like to send a 2nd email three days later, if the visitor still has not tried to book the stay again. The problem is that, if that person tries to book again before receiving the 2nd following-up email, a new booking row with a different booking ID will be created on BEDS24. Only the GUESTS ID is the same.

How should I set up the auto-action of the 2nd following-up email, so that it is sent ONLY if that person hasn’t booked the stay yet.

Thank for your help ;)
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You can create an auto action

If the guest is a new client, then it is possible to identify if they have created another booking.

Trigger Event - Booking (but not after Check-in)
Trigger Time = +3 Days
Time Window = 3 day
template variable [GUESTSID1] not equal 0

When a guest creates a 2nd booking with the same email address then [GUESTSID1] will have a number greater than 0 (zero)
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