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Is it possible, that guest can complete or add information via the guest login? f.e. adding the estimated arrival time later on (after booking flighs). If it is currently not possible, this would make everyday work easier in the future.
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This would really be a cool feature.
I would like the guest to be able to add their billing adress. I do get a lot of emails from guest to change they invoice adress.

Additonaly i would love to let the guest answer question (for example if they prefer double beds or single).

And it would be great if i could let the guest see personalized information, such an acces code.
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This is not possible via the Guest login.

You can also use Integromat to send a Google form to the guest and collect data from the.
A few days before the arrival of the client they send a form to be filled if the client wants to do an "online check-in" (this you can achieve in beds24 by creating an auto-action email sent automatically a few days before the arrival).

Have a look at this example in the wiki page for Integromat

The email you send can contain a form made in google forms.

We also have an integration with Wishbox, they do offer this functionality.
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