Stripe payment id begining with "ip_" not showing.

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somn'en bulle
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For a little more than a month in the "info" tab of a booking i don't get the stripe payment ID, only the amount.
For the exact same time all the payment id's from stripe starts with ip_ rather than ch_

I strongly suspect a link :D

My accountant really wants these number.

If i could get them back that would be awsome :)


PS : By looking a little deeper, i found that another "Property" i use withing Beds24 (for gift vouchers) still receive ch_ ids and they appear in the info tab.
I didn't want to open a support ticket as there is no rush at all, but if you need to see the set up, let me know.
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The new Stripe "Strong Customer Authentication" option processes the charges and reports the charge ID differently.
We have made an update to read and store the charge ID#s from these types of payments.
somn'en bulle
Posts: 35
Joined: Sat May 05, 2018 6:42 pm

And that explains why my othe property worked... it was a just more recent payment, post upate.
Thank you for solving the problem even before i asked, you are awesome :D
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