Allow manual exceptions to "Block Dates after Check-out"

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Allow manual exceptions to "Block Dates after Check-out"

Post by flexappart » Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:22 pm

We cannot clean rooms every day and currently have to manually black-out the check-out day when same-day cleaning is not possible.
For safety we would prefer to have have the check-out day automatically blocked by default, but with a possibility to unblock it manually after checking that cleaning is possible.
The "Block Dates after Check-out" feature is close to what we want but it seems it cannot be overriden manually on a per-booking basis.
Would it be possible to split the "Block Dates after Check-out" into two separate features: a "hard" one functioning as it is now (not allowing exceptions), and a "soft" one that would for instance automatically add a black-out status to desired number of days after the booking, still allowing to remove these blackouts manually ?

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Re: Allow manual exceptions to "Block Dates after Check-out"

Post by markkinchin » Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:41 am

The block dates after checkout is a hard setting that applies to all bookings.

You could trick the system to reopen the "blocked date after checkout" by cancelling the booking that is blocking the date or changing it's checkout date so it no longer blocks the date you want to unblock.

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