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In May I posted on this forum about row and column identification, and/or freezing the header (dates) and/or freezing first column (room numbers). Many positive reactions of Beds users having the same problem. Now, 5 months later, no software update resolving this users issue... the reason for me reposting my initial post;
- If I am scrolling down, I want the header (the dates) frozen... like is possible in excel...
- If I am scrolling left or right, I want the room number column frozen.... like in Excel...
- AND... It would help me if when I click on a column or a row, the columns or row, like in excel, is accentuated...

Please Beds24 software wizkids.... Adding this features should be a walk in the park for you guys and gals.... and at the same time would make using the beds software so much easier.

Thanks in advance (so now you have the obligation to add this feature)

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