Yield Optimizer: Exact number of units

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casale pundarika
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I'm requesting to add a feature to the Yield Optimizer tool.
It would be beneficial for small property owners to trigger the rules for an exact number of units available.
It would also be useful if we could go over the limit of 30 days before check-in.
Do you think that implementing these feature would be possible and useful?
Site Admin
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The rules trigger on the number of units available and multiply together.
So for example you could have a rule for 3, 4 and 5 available and set them all for 10% discount.
This means 3 available will be a 10% discount, 4 available will be a 20% discount and 5 available will be a 30% discount.

30 days ahead is the limit for now, it is best used for last minute price adjustments (up or down). We will look at increasing it in a future update.
casale pundarika
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Joined: Wed Mar 15, 2017 6:25 pm

Thank you for your prompt reply markkinchin!

In your example, because the system is set to multiply, if I set the 3 rules to 90% of the rate (hence the 10% discount) I don't get a 30% discount if 5 rooms are available but 27% (0,9x3) So I would have to arrange the multipliers accordingly but it gets too complicated and rather confusing in my opinion.

I would prefer if I could set directly a discount (i.e. if 5 rooms are available within 1 week of check-in go down 30%), and if I could choose not to multiply because if I want to set different rules for different time limits (i.e. if 5 rooms are available within 2 weeks of check-in go down 15%) it's quite impossible with the multipliers.

To sum up, you have a great powerful tool out there, but it needs a bit of improvement and user friendliness to be used with confidence and to convert.
I appreciate working with you guys and thank you for your time.
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