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I know there is talk of an overhaul of the Diary function which i think would be great as i think it is one of the most useful tools for day to day operations of a property when the management and operating staff are at different locations. With that in mind i thought it would be useful to have an additional 'notes' field added to bookings and to rooms which then populates into the main diary. For example, this would allow me to add an airport transfer to a specific booking's notes which the staff would be reminded about in the main diary. however 3 months later, when the customer cancels, this data would automatically remove. stopping the chances of unnecessary actions.

In addition, when in the calendar function we are able to see yesterdays room occupation (to aid checkout information) however the link to yesterdays calendar notes is not shown. Many things go into the previous days notes for action the next day, so access to this easily would be useful for checking things are done.

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