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It would be great if there was the option to raise an invoice independent of a room. sometimes we have guests who visit the hotel and use some of the facilities that we usually include on guests invoices. these guest do not have room bookings so we usually just create a fake room booking to raise an invoice. is it possible just to have the option to create an additional invoice?
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Invoices are always connected to bookings. You could create a "fake booking" with the status "Cancelled" and no room price.
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If this is happening a lot you could create a new "room" in Beds24 for these charges.
It would not be a real room and you could hide it from your booking page but use it as a place to enter and store your non room charges.
You would then be able to see them separately in reports etc.
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I have a customer who also would very much like the ability to create non-booking/room charges for items being sold from the front desk. Any chance something like this might be on the development list?
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No, this is not on the development list.

You can setup a ROOM 'Front desk Sales' (for example). Set Sell Priority = Hide.

Then your front desk team can use this to create a booking with the appropriate charges and create an invoice for the customer.
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Thank you. for the quick reply.
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