check-in and check-out for the same apartment the same day

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Managing many apartments is a difficult task.

Is there a way to identify, for each day, how many rooms have check-in and check-out at the same day for each of the days?

For example:

Today we have check-in and check-out in room A, B and D (=3)
Tomorrow we have check-in and check-out in room C and X (=2)
You can have more check-ins and more check-outs for other apartments, but not on the same day.

In this way, when I reach the limit of cleanings that I can manage in the same day, I can block those dates.

I don't know if I have explained myself well, and if this has a name that defines it. Thank you

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There is no automatic way to block checkins/checkouts based on 'cleaning' requirements.

You can set a block on checkins and checkouts on the same day when you go to Settings > Properties > Rooms > Block Dates after Check-out.

If you set = 1, then this will block the day before and after a booking to ensure the rule is always met.

If you want to block a room manually then in the Calendar Override row set 'No checkin' or 'No checkout' or both.
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