Ability to email email templates to property managers etc

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Hi again.

This one you already have on your radar as per the support ticket I raised.

"Email templates for emailing property managers / front desk staff etc? - I was just playing around with the email templates settings and It seems that you can only create emails to send to a guest. or a group (agencies related.) - How do I create a template that will send an email to another email address other than the guest? - ie: a guest books and confirms. Now I need to let the front desk know as well as cleaning staff. So I want to email them also using a template."

Your response:
This is a good idea and I have added it to our to-do list. All new function suggestions are welcome and we try to add as many as we can.
Kind regards,

my response:
"Cool thanks. I suppose in the meantime I can just manually enter the email address before hitting send."

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