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we are using beds24 in more than one house. It is great. But we have problems with the usage of the whole invoicing system. The biggest problem which we have is the correct closing of an invoice. If we add a payment after the invoice is create, the payment haven't a invoicenumber in the reports. This is a problem for the accounting because they think there is no invoice generated.

Is there a way to change this?

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If an invoice is locked (this is what you mean?) you can not add anything to it. This is the whole idea about locking invoices.

If items are added after an invoice is locked the system will start a new invoice.

All invoice charges and payments will be under the same booking number so you could use the booking number for reference.

If you do not want to lock invoices you can change the settings for "Lock invoice" to "No" in SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > PREFERENCES.
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