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it would be really helpful to have different rates on my booking bage depending on the location the traveller searches. This is really helpful in COVID-19 era since due to local lockdowns and travel restrictions, it would be really useful to give special discounts on travellers from specific countries. It is a really good feature and I hope to think about it.

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There is a way to do this, it relies on you having the geo targeting software on your site so you know where the visitors are from and use this to determine which pages they are shown.

The principle is to create two or more booking pages and show the appropriate one to the visitor based on their location.

You can change price on the booking pages using various means, for example an easy way is by creating a referer discount and using the referer parameter in the URL of the discounted booking page.

In principle you could even show different booking page layouts and content to different visitors using this method.
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