Some bookings not to be shuffered !

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When a multi-day booking arrives for a room type but there is no consecutive availability in any room we need to shuffle bookings around to make room for it and manually move it.
I know that most of the times the ability of shuffling booking brings more bookings however in some cases cause problems

1) I have many repeat guests that they want a certain room for their reasons and they bring me in very difficult position if I need to change the room that they had requested it.

2) Whats the point to get a booking with 7 day stay and you may need to accommodate it one night in each room or you may need to shuffle 5-6 bookings .

I know that the only possibility to prevent this is setting each room up as an individual room

However that is not practical when you have many types of rooms, especial in the booking engine and to the integration to the channels .
Can the developer department consider this issue ?
Can the system consider some booking as not changeable (even if I need to lose a future booking )At least I will not lose a present client !

Thank you
eleni mylona
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This is not possible.

What you can do is to create an Auto Action to trigger when such booking is created.

With this Auto Action you can inform the guest that the booking is with a change of room and if they don´t want to change a room they will need to contact you for a cancellation.

You can use in Auto Action in trigger tab the field Unit to be send only to UNASSIGNED.

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Yes but in this way i have not short out the problem . As I have referred i have many repeat guests that they want a certain room ,if I do not give them the right room it is very possible to cancel .Thats why I have asked if it is possible to lock some bookings and if the developer team can do something for that .
thank you
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But you can "lock" booking in the room, by adding a info code to lock the booking to the room. However this will not prevent for new bookings to come in and having the need to shuffle bookings so that you can have space for all your bookings without moving the guests in the middle of the stay.

The only way to prevent this is either having separate rooms, or having a "higher" minimum stay, for example if there are 2 or 3 night gaps setting a 5 night minimum stay will not allow for bookings for this gaps, so it should prevent this for shorter stays, however ir will also prevent you to receive bookings for shorter stays.

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Iuri Rosa
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