Improvement of Guest Management>Invoicing (group and languages)

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I have 2 feature proposals regarding Guest Management >Invoicing :

1. I wonder if it would be possible to set the following parameter differently in case of a group booking :
Guest Management >Invoicing >Invoice Payment Items

For example :
Down Payment|30%|not paid|group --> would mean 30% of the group invoice, with status "not paid"

2. Would it be possible to have all these settings in multiple languages under Guest Management >Invoicing :
Invoice Charge Items
Invoice Charge Status Items
Invoice Payment Items
Invoice Payment Status Items

Many thanks in advance !
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1) You can use

Down Payment|30%|not paid|

but it is not possible to have 'group' at the end

you could use

Down Payment - group |30%|not paid|

2) If you need multiple languages, then you can add the appropriate text/language and it will display in the booking and you can select from the drop down list.
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