New needs in the Post-Covid hospitality industry.

Suggestions and ideas to make better
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I am renting rooms and apartments for more than 30 years and i have seen many changes in our sector. Back then my rooms did not have private bathrooms, a shared one only in each floor for every 5 double rooms. They did not have air/condition and even a fan was considered a luxury. Same for the refrigerator. All these features and many more like WiFi were added gradually over the next years. I made my first website on 2002 and i have updated it 4 times by then. I add also a "pay online" button in 2005, that was huge!!!
In 2015 i had my first channel manager and my colleagues could not believe that i did not have even one overbooking for 2 seasons. What a headache were the overbookings from, whoever experienced it can understand it. I then expanded and created more properties so my need for a more Intellectual hotel software was completely satisfied with Beds24. The last 2 years I spent unlimited hours testing, setting, experimenting on Beds24 and it is totally worth it.
Everything runs smoothly and my business continues to grow while at the same time i spent less effort handling the hotel procedures with the automated messages, the automated payments, the Pricelabs integration. I have even ordered some Nuki smart locks and hopefully from next summer i will save even more time and simultaneously will upgrade the visitor's experience which will lead to 5 star reviews and consequently to more business for me. Beds24 plays an important role to all these and i want to express my gratitude to this leader company and all the staff that made these things possible.

So, as this cruel year finishes and as we are preparing for the new one i kindly want to propose some new features that will help us all (both hosts and Beds24) adapt to the circumstances of this new era and continue to be above the competition.

Online check in: Yes i know that i can integrate with some company like Check-in and i will probably do it for this year since i do not have any alternative. However i would love to see this feature through Beds24 and through the Guest Management. After some period of time, all check ins will be online and we know it. Imagine for example now, to have to send the automated booking confirmation message through an integrated partner, is just not sensible.
Guest customised guide: I have prepared a pdf link that i send as an automated message for each property that includes all my recommendations about my area and useful tips for visitors and i will reveal you that i own to this a big percentage of the top reviews i receive. So i want to make it even better and more professional, to include maps and videos and also a guidebook for every apartment. I will again use an external company for this feature this year but i hope to see it also through Beds24 in the near future. Saves tons of time!
Upsales after reservation to all channels: I want to sell my transfer service to a reservation from booking or Airbnb after they have made their reservation. To get an automated form from me after their reservation with all extra services that they will be able to buy and pay them immediately (the same way during the process of reservation through Beds24). It would be so nice if i had this and it can also be included in the guest's guide.
Instant chat: Who disagrees that WhatsApp integration was a huge huge plus to our communication with the visitors. It would be just perfect if everybody uses WhatsApp something that is not the case in my country at least until now. An instant chat tool development shall be under consideration from Beds24 (i really do not know if it is technically feasible)
More direct integrations: For example, I want to see integrations with more smart locks of the market (more hotel oriented), and with smart energy consumption companies.

I want to believe that most of you agree with these thoughts and that all of you search for ways to automate efficiently your operations.
Beds24 consists the core of these operations so please mention the features that you would like to see in our platform on 2021.
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I agree that many of the changes we have had to make this year due to Covid will remain.

Self check-in, smart locks etc. are not only a good way to reduce infection spread, they can also increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The strategy at Beds24 is to build a powerful core system and integrate with external services that specialize in what they do.

The decision of what belongs in the core is always a difficult one and the priorities do change over time.

Thank you for your comments, we have taken them on board for our planning 2021 and beyond.

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I agree with online check-in (with direct connection to the police). I am using an integration, but i would prefer to have it in-house.

And a best administration for damage deposits should be a plus.
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